Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Boots

I sashay through my living room with my new boots. Sexy, knee-high black boots that click on the wood floor and make me forget I'm a mom.  I grin and travel the length of the room, letting my hips sway side to side even further. I can get used to this. Oooh yeah. 

I pick up a couple bowls of cereal the kids left and strut into the kitchen. Just wait until Joel sees me in these bad boys. I take one more step, and my foot slides out from underneath me. I fling my arms wide to catch myself but only manage to pull a chair down with me. 

Crash. Splash. Boom. The fall is spectacular.

I lay on the floor staring at the ceiling. Milk and cereal drip from my face and the kitchen cabinets into my hair. The chair rests on top of me. I roll my head side to side with a half laugh half moan. I push myself up and painstakingly pull off the boots. 

These boots are definitely not made for walking. 

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