Thursday, September 17, 2015

That Extra Mile

I've done a bit of growing up over this past month. Not that I wasn't grown up. Kids will do that to a person. But I've learned a few things about being a writer.  

1. Can't hide forever. 
I'm passionate about my novel. I love the characters and I think other people will love them too. While I've talked my Mom and best friend's ears off about Asthore, I'm fairly quiet about my novel in general. About my writing in general. How will anyone else besides my closest friends and family ever read anything if I'm a clam about it? So I'm taking baby steps. I set up a Author page on Facebook. I'm going to put myself out there in a more meaningful way and stop fearing the negative things people may say and get excited about the positives to come. 

2. Mistakes make me human.
I sat in a Barnes and Noble and I looked at all the books surrounding me. I wondered how the heck I could compete with all of that. How will my baby steps ever amount to anything more than me torturing my little introvert self? The good side about being a nobody is that my mistakes won't matter in the grand scheme of things. They will be buried under tons of other books. So why not try? Why not have fun along the way? 

3. Just do it.
To borrow from Nike and Shia LeBeouf, I just got to do it. I have to sit down and write.. Everyday. I have to write my pages on Asthore. Everyday. I'm not one to tell anyone else how to live their writing life and don't buy that everyone has to sit down everyday to write to be considered a writer. I heard a lady on a podcast say she wrote a novel in 72 hours. Sat down with some coke and goldfish and cranked it out. I'm sure she's not sitting down everyday, instead doing her writing in extremely productive stags. And it works for her, so I'm not going to tell her she's not a writer because she isn't doing it everyday. For me, I know I need to make my writing a priority. I was the type who waited for inspiration, and as such, Asthore has taken much, much, longer than it should. 

4. That Extra Mile
I run using a tracking app on my phone. I made a mistake and paused the app after the first ten minutes. I ran a mile after that without tracking it. When I saw what had happened, I had three options. Ignore the program and know that I reached my goal, or stand there and shake my phone until I got the virtual trophy, or suck it up and run some more. I ran that extra mile and I was tired and sore, but also very pleased with myself. I have to apply that same determination to my writing. I can write my story and then hide it in my desk and be happy with my virtual trophy. I could say I finished but I'd be the only one who knows. Or I can suck it up, deal with the everyday problems and do whatever I need to do to reach my goal. 

These are not huge revelations that people haven't said before and more eloquently. But most times, I can't understand something until I feel it for myself, so here I am staking my small claim.

No more hiding, I'm going that extra mile, mistakes and all. 


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  2. Hey Mel I read your blog and it's really cool. What a great idea for keeping caught up with those who wish to follow your writing progress. You have inspired me now to write once again. You have this way of drawing enthusiasm for putting on paper what's our desire to share. I joined FanStory for another two years and wrote my first poem in a long while, not including the ones to Emily for the purpose of "trapping her" with charm and affection. Is writing the best hobby or what? I look forward to seeing posts in your blog and of course, one day to read your completed Asthore novel. I'm totally excited for the both of us since we're awesome writers. Have the best day ever, Mel
    the steve

    1. Steve! Thank you for your encouragement! You're a great writing buddy! I'm glad to hear you're writing again. I'll have to hop over to fanstory to give you a review. :)

  3. Lost my last comment (unless it posts me twice, gah!).
    About your blog: well said! Sounds to me like you are headed in the right direction and that's what matters. I completely agree: each writer has their own way of getting it done. But I'm with you. I need to write every day (well, every week day that is...I'm a mom, too ;) Bravo on your blog. It's great!

    1. Balance is something that's not easy, and for me writing is one of the first things to fall through the cracks. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, our babies come first. ;)

  4. Hey Mel,

    I really liked this post. Glad to see that your writing life is going well and that you're going the extra mile. It is said that the trip makes all of this worthwile but wouldn't we want to get somewhere, at some point?

    Alex. :)

    1. I messed up and didn't reply to you. I'm still getting the hang of this! How the heck are ya?

  5. Alex!!!

    I thought of you today and about how long it'd been. I decided to send you an email, but then I saw this comment. :D So good to hear from you.

    I agree. The journey there is important, though at some point I'd like to reach the destination!


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