Thursday, December 18, 2014


I've gone back and forth today about whether I should share my first draft of my novel on here or not. Post as I go. Hot off the press. Gung-ho and cation be damned.  But after thinking and gathering some good advice, I've decided not. It's tempting because I would have content to add that would beef up my blog and it would also give me deadlines and help me reach my writing goals. But, first drafts are crap. They are supposed to be crap. I would rather not subject anyone to the crap and waste their time.

However, one thing I have no doubt about is sharing the journey to a complete draft with my friends as well as passing on what I learn along the way. In that spirit, I've invited a few of my writing friends to guest post.  

Alexandre Micati has encouraged me and kept me writing through tough times. He is a stand up guy/college student/writer/translator and I'm lucky to know him! 

Char Tolliver is my writing buddy extraordinaire. I will forever be grateful for the times she has listened to me vent.

Stephen Menzies is another writing friend who I've known for over a year. We met on Fanstory, and continue reviewing for each other. He keeps me writing. 

I look forward to hearing from them at some point this month.

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