Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mount Washmore

Day One:

I have decided to scale the perilous heights of Mount Washmore. As with most undertakings, I will spend some time preparing. The trip advisors promise I will see fields of Lavender and Sun Blossoms which are fresh in April, and if I am lucky I will witness a fresh burst of Fireworks followed by Moonlit Breezes. I have much to Gain. I could surround myself with Downy softness if I complete my mission.  Though I cannot lie, Mount Washmore is intimidating. The arduous journey to the top will take days, maybe a week or more. I am not certain I am up to the task. 
Day Two:
I have enlisted four crew members to make the climb with me. Despite my misgivings, I selected my crew from the local populace. They are surly and require much prodding and encouragement. I am ashamed to admit that I lowered my standards. They were not swayed by my pleading so I dug deep in my pockets and bribed them with Crystals. When All is said and done, I hope to Whisk them away to a new Era of Clingfree Cheer to make my journey to the summit of Mount Washmore as painless as possible.

Day Three:
I wrote a letter to my beloved today. I may have gone a little over the top. I could not stop myself from thinking those were my last words to him. The trek will be difficult. My crew tells me of an unexpected danger which my trip advisors conveniently neglected to mention. I will need to cross a great expanse of water filled with Whirlpools. I did not believe them at first. “Oh, Bosch! Life’s Good,” I said. “I’m sure the Tide will be in our favor.” 

If you don't hear from me after a week assume I'm buried under an avalanche of clothes and send help.

Day Five:
I cannot hide the Bounce in my step. My crew and I went the Xtra mile and have reached the top. With both Arm & Hammer we made a suitable camp. The view is beautiful. I am reminded of my childhood home in the town of Hamper Hollow. The air is dryer here, but Purex. I plan to stay as long as possible. 

Day Eight:
Unfortunately, I lost my crew on the descent and now I am left wandering the lowlands of Basketville. Despite the colorful landmarks, it seems my crew cannot make the climb out of the valley to Chestodrawerland. I did my best to maintain High Efficiency, but my Method failed. Next time I will bring a 20 Mule Team.  I may have to admit defeat and throw in the towel.

Day Ten:
Overcoming Mount Washmore was no small feat. I would love to take up residence in Chestodrawerland. It’s a lovely place within walking distance of Closetcity. I have given up on my crew. I believe they wish to live in Basketville. I am sure I will see them again when I pass through on my way back to the summit. The view from Mount Washmore is lovely and I hope to see it again soon. I plan to take my beloved with me on my next trip. For now, I can fold my hands and hang my coat knowing I survived Mount Washmore.  

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  1. Excellent! I hear you about Chestodrawerland. None of my crew has made it that far either :) Great job Melissa!


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